Company Profile

        Nagual Exploration generates and evaluates oil and gas prospects and projects for drilling and development in North Texas.  Optimum strategies are developed and implemented to get the projects funded and drilled.  Specific geologic and engineering technologies are utilized in developing and producing hydrocarbons to generate the highest economic returns possible on the oil & gas projects. 

        Jimmy Thomas is the founder and president of Nagual Exploration LLC and Castaneda Consulting LLC.  He earned an MBA in Marketing & Finance and an MS in Geology from Texas Christian University.   Mr. Thomas has over 25 years of experience generating, marketing & managing oil and gas projects and is Certified Petroleum Geologist #5638.  He is the recipient of the 2003 A.I. Levorsen Best Paper Award given at the Southwest Section AAPG Convention.

        Nagual Exploration's focus is generating and drilling high quality oil and gas prospects in North Texas.  Modern geologic methods and engineering techniques, land positions, gas markets, financial models and economic factors are all utilized to develop a well integrated plan for the projects.

"Oil is first found in the mind."
Wallace Pratt

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Jimmy Thomas, President

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